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    About SIM

    School Of Internet Marketing is India's 1st Practical Training Institute In Pune. Our Moto is #SayNoToTheory, we have been greatly centered and is been establishing each day to the new standards from 9 years. We are an awesome institute on providing practical training to our students. Our goal is to grow every day with new ideas in this area by means of exploring to the core. It is going to be our effort and we make sure that we provide the best courses in pune in order that it helps an individual as well our Institute.
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    Practical Courses in Pune for Job seekers, Professionals & Business Owners

    Our Classroom Training Program is designed to give accommodate to individuals of various fields and different backgrounds In this, we cover all the aspects.
    job seeker digital marketing classes in pune

    Job Seeker

    An amazing career avenue is available for job seekers of today. After the research and analysis of this profession, yet we are assuring that everyone such as jobseeker growth as an individual. According to Times Of India analysis, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Data Science and UI UX Web Development Industry will see at peak point with a huge quantity jobs (5 lakh) to be had within the next couple of years.
    Enroll In, School of Internet Marketing. Own a career that has so many benefits on offer!!!

    working professional digital marketing courses in pune

    Working Professionals

    Take your professionalism to the subsequent level with the School Of Internet Marketing! How? Where can a working professional go to learn about Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Data Science and UI UX Web Development The solution is right here: School of Internet Marketing offers advance for working professionals. Be it from any background!!! Just carry along the WILL to LEARN, and we can deal with the whole thing else!

    Business professional digital marketing training in pune

    Business Owners

    Business owners might be thinking, “Is Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Data Science and UI UX Web Development helpful for me”?
    Well, the courses offer by us has the ability to take your business to become a brand whatever it is local or global!!! Isn't that enough a purpose for business owners to take? We at the School of Internet Marketing, welcome all the Business Owners of any field to be a part of our to make your business a brand worldwide!!!

    Why SIM is Best in Training Industry?

    Our Courses provide the right set of knowledge through our class room training in pune. We ensure that the environment in our classes is student-friendly. We Offer 100% placement assistance is our duty and something you shouldn’t worry about. To be there amongst the high-quality, one has to think and act differently than others. “OUT OF THE BOX” is what one desires to be! School Of Internet Marketing does exactly that and strives to present some of the exceptional, Unlike other institutes where trainers have just worked as agencies and have no clue on the revenue side. At School Of Internet Marketing, our trainers having worked for real business have sufficient exposure to revenue side and hence carry the most unique exposure of what the industry expects.

    Here is How We Bridge The Skill Gap and Prepare You to Choose the Best Career Options on completion of the Classroom Training Program With Us:

    Learn the exact strategy and tricks know how the courses and our classroom training session will build your career and business, apply skills on real-time projects and master with certification. After completion of the course training, you will be furnished with various career choices.
    Job Seekers
    Improve your CV & Apply for greater right jobs & interviews.
    Learn what others will studies later.
    High career boom with advanced abilities.
    Work part time as a freelancer on the side by side of your studies.
    Have elevated self confidence and apprehend from fellows.
    Give companies more motives to pay you.
    Earn money/commissions as an affiliate marketer.
    Working Professionals
    High career increase with advanced talents.
    Increase income online & achieve your goals.
    Help your employer develop together with your IM capabilities.
    Every 3rd person is an MBA. Learn what genuinely subjects.
    Work as a factor time freelancer & make dollars online.
    Find extra clients online for your product / service.
    Take your commercial enterprise to any other level with the aid of carrying out a huge target audience.
    Increase your sales by way of marketing on internet.
    Create your logo recognition the usage of social media.
    Reduce your advertising and advertising fee by means of 60%.

    What You Learn?

    As a leading and top most training institute in Pune, we offer you essentially the most strong and effective digital marketing courses in pune, graphic design courses in pune, Data science courses in pune and web design development courses in pune as per the updated and new market demand. That you could get whole competencies about this from our experts. Nonetheless, there are many sectors that you may wish to know about the course in detail before joining the classroom training program.

    The Advanced Practical Oriented Concepts

    The only training program where you get in-depth knowledge of all the course modules.

    1. Digital Marketing Course Overview

    We will be teaching you about the Complet digital marketing course/ That includes what is digital marketing? career, and scope in digital advertising and marketing, extraordinary ways of online marketing, and many others. There are a total of 50+ modules in the digital marketing courses.


    • What is Marketing?
    • How we do Marketing?
    • What is Digital Marketing?
    • Digital Marketing Platforms and Strategies
    • Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
    • Defining Marketing Goals
    • Latest Digital advertising trends
    • Case studies of Digital Campaigns.

    2. Graphic Designing Course Overview

    Graphic design is an aspect, and sometimes synonymous with a more significant design discipline known today as visual communication design. This is problem-solving using typography, photography, and illustrations. This area is considered a subset of visual communication and communication design, but sometimes the term “graphic design” is used interchangeably. You can Join our Advance Graphics Design Course to Learn this skill.

    Software Covered

    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Indesign
    • Lightroom
    • Dimension
    • Calligraphy
    • Premiere Pro

    3. UI UX Designing Course Overview

    What is UI UX designing?

    UI refers to the screens, buttons, toggles, icons, and other visual elements that you interact with when using a website, app, or other electronic devices. UX refers to the entire interaction you have with a product, including how you feel about the interaction.

    What do you learn?

    • 01 GETTING STARTED – Sketching, Inspiration + Structure
      • 1. Sketching
        • Introduction To Sketching
        • The Sketching Process
        • Sketching User Flows
        • Sketching Tips
      • 2. Inspiration
        • How to stay inspired
        • How to find inspiration online
      • 3. Figma Basics
        • Plans and Signup
        • Where to Use Figma
        • Figma UI — Structure
        • Figma UI — Files
        • Figma UI — Toolbar
        • Figma UI — Left Sidebar
        • Figma UI — Right Sidebar
        • Shapes and Tools — Frames
        • Shapes and Tools — Groups
        • Shapes and Tools — Basic Shapes and Boolean Operations
        • Designing in Figma — Images
        • Designing in Figma — Getting Started with Text
        • Designing in Figma — Constraints
        • Designing in Figma — Using Auto Layout
        • Designing in Figma — Auto Layout Properties
        • Resources and Collaboration — Community Files
        • Resources and Collaboration — Community Plugins
        • Resources and Collaboration — Sharing and Comments]
        • Project — Creating a Logo Using Basic Shapes
        • Project — Auto Layout Buttons
        • Project — Creating a Responsive Navigation
        • Project — Responsive Text
        • Project — Imagery and Gradients
        • Project — Strokes and Shapes
        • Project — Layout and Responsiveness
      • 3. User Flows
        • Getting Ready For This Section
        • The DOs and DON’Ts
        • User Flows in Figma — Onboarding
        • User Flows in Figma — Search
      • 4. Sitemaps
        • Introduction To Sitemaps
        • Creating A Basic Sitemap
        • Reusable Sitemap Assets
        • Figma Check In — Basic Components and Variants
        • Sitemaps in Figma — The Top Layer
        • Sitemaps in Figma — Digging Deeper
        • Tips for Creating Great Sitemaps
    • 02 EXPLORE AND ITERATE – Wireframes, Prototyping and Feedback
      • 1. Wireframes
        • What Is A Wireframe?
        • How To Create A Wireframe
        • Figma Check In — Basic Button Component]
        • Figma Check In — Variants
        • How to Use Our Wireframe Components
        • Wireframes — Home
        • Wireframes — Cart
        • Wireframes — Profile
      • 2. Prototyping
        • Figma Check In — Prototyping in Figma
        • Prototyping in Figma — Flows and Starting Points
        • Prototyping in Figma — Connections
        • Prototyping in Figma — Interactions
        • Prototyping in Figma — Animations
        • Prototyping in Figma — Prototype Settings
        • Prototyping in Figma — Prototype Presentation
        • Project — Navigation
        • Project — Removing an Item from Your Wishlist
        • Project — Finding a Product
      • 3. Getting feedback
        • Why Is Feedback Important?
        • Constructive Feedback
    • 03 VISUAL DESIGN – Design Theory + Accessibility
      • 1. Spacing and Grids
        • What Is A Grid?
        • Grid Basics
        • Figma Check In — Fixed and Fluid Grids
        • Figma Check In — Breakpoints
        • Figma Check In — Grid Style
        • Project — Mobile Layout Grid
        • Project — Desktop Layout Grids
        • Simple Rules to Follow
      • 2. Typography
        • Serifs
        • Sans Serifs
        • Display & Mono
        • Picking Typefaces
        • Figma Check In — Text Properties
        • Exercise — Elevating a Brand
        • Exercise — Typeface Scenarios
        • Exercise — Google Fonts
        • Project — Typeface Exploration
        • Project — Pairing Font Families
        • Project — Headings, Body and Labels
        • Project — Typeface System
        • Figma Check In — Text Styles
      • 3. Color
        • Color Schemes
        • Important Questions To Ask
        • Creating Color Palettes
        • Figma Check In — Paints
        • Exercise — Expanding Upon a Strict Color Palette
        • Exercise — Creating a Color Palette
        • Figma Check In — Color Styles
        • Exercise — Using Color Styles
        • Project — Primary and Neutrals
        • Project — Accents
      • 4. Imagery and Iconography
        • Visual Assets Introduction
        • Figma Check In — Image Plugins
        • Figma Check In — Image Styles
        • Figma Check In — Masks
        • Exercise — Image Exploration
        • Exercise — Text and Imagery Working Together
        • Figma Check In — Illustration Plugins
        • Exercise — Adding illustrations to your designs
        • Figma Check In — Icon Plugins
        • Figma Check In — Pen Tool
        • Exercise — Custom Icons with the Pen Tool
      • 5. Forms + UI Elements
        • What Are Forms + UI Elements?
        • Best Practices — Forms
        • Best Practices — Basic and Advanced Inputs
        • Best Practices — Inputs
        • Best Practices — Buttons
        • Figma Check In — Component Properties
        • Properties vs. Variants
        • Figma Check In — Button Component Properties
        • Figma Check In — Button Variants
        • Figma Check In — Combining Components
        • Figma Check In — Form Component Possibilities
        • Project — Registration Flow
      • 6. Accessibility
        • What Is Accessibility?
        • Assistive Technologies
        • Visual Patterns For Accessibility
        • Tools To Make Your Design Accessible
    • 04 DESIGN EXPLORATION – Application Design + Design Systems
      • 1. Design Patterns
        • What Are Design Patterns?
        • Why Are Design Patterns Valuable?
        • How To Apply Design Patterns
        • Analyzing Design Patterns
        • Dissecting And Choosing Design Patterns
      • 2. Mobile Design
        • Mobile Design Best Practices
      • 3. Visual Style and Exploration
        • Design Fidelity
        • Visual Exploration — Navigation
        • Visual Exploration — Buttons
        • Figma Check In — Effect Styles
        • Visual Exploration — Product Cards
        • Visual Exploration — Text Cards
        • Screen Design — Home
        • Screen Design — Product Page
      • 4. Motion and Microinteractions
        • The Importance Of Motion
        • Why Microinteractions Are Important?
        • What Is A Microinteraction?
        • Figma Check In — Intro to Smart Animate
        • Figma Check In — Smart Animate Properties
        • Exercise — Parallax
        • Exercise — New Message
        • Exercise — Overlays
        • Figma Check In — Interactive Components
        • Exercise — Interactive Buttons
        • Project — Parallax Welcome Screen
        • Project — Drag Onboarding
        • Project — Cart Overlay
        • Project — Button Microinteraction
    • 05 PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER – Using our Design System and Hi-Fi prototyping with Figma
      • 1. Design Systems
        • Foundational Styles and Components vs. Product Specific Components
        • Building Fidelity and Organizing Potential Components and Styles
        • Foundational Styles and Components
        • Components — Buttons
        • Components — Cards
        • Components — Headers
        • Components — Inputs
        • Components — List Items
        • Components — Navigation
        • Components — Misc. Elements
      • 2. Execution
        • Working Towards Our Final Designs
        • Execution — Introduction Screen
        • Execution — Onboarding Screens
        • Execution — Registration Screens
        • Execution — Home Screen
        • Execution — Wishlist Screens
        • Execution — Profile Screen
        • Execution — Cart and Checkout
        • Prototypes — Registration
        • Prototypes — Adding to Cart
        • Prototypes — Checkout
        • Prototypes — Lottie Files Plugin
        • Prototypes — Search and Filters
    • 06 FROM FIGMA TO WEBSITE (take a Figma design and convert it to a live website using HTML and CSS)
    • 07 HTML + HTML5
    • 08 CSS + CSS3 – CSS Basics, CSS Grid, Flexbox, CSS Animations

    4. Data Science Course Overview

    What is Data Science? | What does Data Science involve? | Life cycle of Data Science? | Tools of Data Science

    Need of Data Science | Data Engineer vs Data Analyst vs Data Science | Data Science and machine learning?

    Data Science Life Cycle | Data Science Platform | Data Science Use Cases | Skill Required for Data Science?

    • Python
    • Python for Data Science
    • Machine Learning
    • Artificial Intelligence | Deep Learning
    • Data Analytics/Visualization

    5. Full Stack Development Course Overview

    In this module, will train you about the basic codes of HTML that are principal for designing a site from search engine optimization perspectives. You will also be taught as easy methods to design a template based site taking into issues about the entire parameters of search engine optimization.

    6. WordPress Development Course Overview

    Each business in these days is focussing on WordPress blogging, as it is come to be a crucial part of digital marketing. It’s by way of WordPress that we are able to submit quality content material to our blog section. We will teach you how one can set up WordPress, publishing content and images, using search engine optimization tools in WordPress, easy methods to make a good blog on the WordPress platform and so forth.

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    Meet Our Directors

    Get to know the people behind Intact. Our creative and technical team.
    Nitesh Yadav school of internet marketing founder

    Nitesh Yadav

    Founder- School of Internet Marketing

    A Digital Marketer with 9+ years of experience in Internet Marketing, Display Advertising, Media Planning, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Public Relation.

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    sushant salunkhe sim co founder

    Sushant Salunkhe

    Co Founder-School of Internet Marketing

    He has been a digital marketing consultant for many advertising agencies & Political Campaign to develop & execute their digital strategies from 9+ years, He has a great command over understanding the root cause of the business problems.

    Our Happy Students videos 4.9/5 Ratings Given by Trainees

    SIM- School Of Internet Marketing the best Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Data Science and UI UX Web Development courses in pune, have till date trained over 3900+ candidates. We are so glad and happy to inform you all that they are currently working on capable positions in some of the top leading companies in India and world wide.

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    Course FAQ's

    Top frequently asked questions by our students.

    Who all can pursue this course?

    Anyone can learn this course no matter what is your background; there are no prerequisites in these.

    Do I need any programming skill for peruse courses?

    No, You must have skill about the basic computer knowledge and rest will take care of every thing in our training institute.

    What About Placements and Companies?

    We provide 100% placement assistance and placement program in which we guide on soft your skill as well as a technical skill during and after the classes until you place in the company.

    What is your fee structure of the course?

    We have a different form in terms of course modules fee structure, so better you should contact us 8956609996 for further assistance.

    In Case, you missed classroom training session?

    You can cover the topic by our training session which is provided by our training institute with lifetime access. Else, you will cover in upcoming batches at 0 fees.

    What is your batch size?

    We allow only 10, 12 students in a batch at our institute during the training, so each & every student gets individual attention by trainer & benefited out of it.

    What will be the salary I get in industry?

    Salary will be differing in a different marketing organization. But, salary will be mostly starting from min 15000.

    How many certificates do you provide?

    We provide all the certification including course completion certificates, Google certificate, and Internship letter which show that you are an experienced person at 0 charges.

    Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing?

    Most of the people use the internet to find their requirements, that’s the reasons online preferences are increasing day by day, Times of India had reported that Digital Marketing will create 4.5 Lakh jobs in India via 2025.