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    About SIM - Digital Marketing Courses In Pune

    School Of Internet Marketing is India's 1st Practical digital marketing training classes In Pune. Our vision is to develop each day with new techniques and strategies in this subject by way of exploring the core of digital media. We ensure that we furnish high-quality training so as to add higher possibilities for your profession. We provide so many Digital marketing training Modules in Digital marketing classes in Pune. With this digital marketing classroom program, candidates will likely be able to increase comprehensive talents in all online promotions. We provide courses for students, job seekers, managers, marketers, business owners, and someone who wants to grasp and be an expert in digital marketing. The true worth is in studying new technics; in order that it helps an individual as well our Institute.
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    Digital Marketing Courses in Pune for Students, Professionals, Job Seekers & Business Owners

    The course here is a classroom training program that will take you from the fundamentals to the advance level of working out of Digital marketing concepts. We consider all digital marketing aspects like SEO, Social Media, Google Ads, Affiliate Marketing/AdSense, YouTube Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.
    Job seaker digital marketing course in pune

    Job Seeker

    An amazing career avenue is available for job seekers of today. After the research and analysis of this profession, yet we are assuring that everyone like jobseeker growth as an individual. It is called “Digital Marketing”. According to Times Of India analysis, Digital Marketing Industry will see at peak point with a huge job (2.5 lakh) to be had within the next couple of years. Enroll In SIM, The Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pune. Own a career that has so many benefits on offer!!!

    professionals digital marketing course pune

    Working Professionals

    Change is the only factor that's permanent. And a lot of us are continuously looking for this change mostly at the workplace. As a working professional (not always from the marketing field) if you are looking to make a shift in your profession that challenges your creative side, or to upgrade your talents or you’re simply watching to make some exciting change in your work life. Enroll In SIM Best Digital Marketing Classes in Pune

    students digital marketing course pune

    Students/Freshers & Graduates

    If you have just finished your graduation or still pursuing your education, looking to add a skill to stand out or fascinate about the Digital World and if you don’t want to do a monotonous job, Then this is the right digital marketing training institute in pune for you. Digital marketing is eternally evolving and appeals to the creative potential and in addition, has nice scope and opportunities in the job market.

    Business digital marketing course in pune

    Entrepreneur & Business Owners

    As a businessman, your struggle is to grow business. You’re watching for quite a lot of ways to reach out to your audience, by using digital marketing even you can reach out to your proper customer. It is not only good in terms of size but also far more profitable. The digital marketing course in pune will not only help you grasp all the modules but will also equip you to be in a position to manage your company’s digital marketing by yourself.

    Why SIM is Best in Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune?

    Here Are The Key Features Why You Should Join SIM Digital Marketing Training Institutes & Courses In Pune.

    School Of Internet Marketing is top rated in digital marketing courses in pune industry since we provide the entire facilities to every student of our digital marketing institute, in addition we furnish the best placements in various Multinational Companies, IT Industry, Ad Agency, News Media channels and many leading organizations with good package as well as with capable designation. School Of Internet Marketing is much known for its practical classroom training program as good as for its faculty members also. We at all time help our students to be trained perfectly in order to get just right opportunities in the field of digital marketing.

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    The pleasant part about us is our entire Digital Marketing Classroom training. You’ll get access to 42 Digital marketing path Modules, With the aid of this digital marketing practical training program participants will develop advance comprehensive skills and practical training knowledge throughout all online promotions disciplines. We present training to quite a lot of people Like marketers, managers, business owners, professionals, and students who want to master in digital marketing.
    Now not every person desires Certification. The real worth is finding out new knowledge, along with the opportunities your new advantage provide to reap multiplied results and new prospects. Certification is a method to show that you just’ve done that work, and owned those Skills.

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    Here is How We Bridge The Skill Gap and Prepare You to Choose the Best Career Options on completion of the Digital Marketing Classroom Training Program With Us:

    Learn the specific methods and tricks, know-how these digital marketing courses in pune, and our classroom session will build your career and business, apply skills on live projects and master with certification. After completion of the digital marketing course training in pune, you will get various career choices.
    Working Professionals
    High career increase with advanced talents.
    Increase income online & achieve your goals.
    Help your employer develop together with your IM capabilities.
    Every 3rd person is an MBA. Learn what genuinely subjects.
    Work as a factor time freelancer & make dollars online.
    Progress in your career with the advanced talents gained during Digital Marketing courses in Pune, like this one.
    Find extra clients online for your product / service.
    Take your commercial enterprise to any other level with the aid of carrying out a huge target audience.
    Increase your sales by way of marketing on internet.
    Create your logo recognition the usage of social media.
    Reduce your advertising and advertising fee by means of 60%.
    Better ROI compared to traditional marketing.
    Job Seekers
    Improve your CV & Apply for greater right jobs & interviews.
    Learn what others will studies later.
    High career boom with advanced abilities.
    Work part time as a freelancer on the side by side of your studies.
    Have elevated self confidence and apprehend from fellows.
    Give companies more motives to pay you.
    Earn money/commissions as an affiliate marketer.

    What You Learn?

    Gain knowledge of each skill to implement digital marketing in web and social media. Target your audience in Search, Social, email, internet, and so on. We are providing 42 Modules in our Digital marketing training in pune. Our digital marketing course in pune is exceptionally designed for beginners for better career. SIM is best digital marketing institute in pune for each entrepreneurs, professionals and students. Gain knowledge of Core principles Of digital marketing by practicing on real-time projects. This digital marketing program helps you to understand every technology regarding digital marketing. We’re pioneer on this path and excellent institute for digital marketing course in pune.

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    Whether or not you’re a business owner who needs to improve your online presence or a complete newbie, this digital marketing classes in pune is best for you. If you want to improve your skill set and progress alongside a profession course, the legitimate direction in Digital marketing courses with Lowest fees charges is our cornerstone certification and might furnish you with an introduction to key digital specialisms, from the cell and social media advertising to Email Marketing, Google Ads and SEO. Over 93% of graduates say that the digital marketing training in Pune qualification have had a positive impact on their profession. This classroom training program helps you to: 1) Recognize and Utilise online advertising competencies to obtain your enterprise objectives. 2) Integration of skill into your marketing approaches. 3) clear up much real-time online hindrance which might emerge for the duration of the utility of online marketing techniques. 4) set up a Digital advertising Framework for your advertising and marketing technique.

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    The Advanced Practical Oriented Digital Marketing Course Concepts

    The only digital marketing training program where you get in-depth knowledge of all the 42 modules of digital marketing course.

    1. Digital Marketing Overview

    In the First Module, we will be teaching you about the basics of Internet Marketing/ Digital Marketing including with what is digital marketing, career, and scope in digital advertising and marketing, extraordinary ways of online marketing, and many others. This module will create the base and you will be equipped to lay the groundwork for the digital marketing courses in pune.

    Topics Covered In Digital Marketing Courses in Pune

    • What is Marketing?
    • How we do Marketing?
    • What is Digital Marketing?
    • Digital Marketing Platforms and Strategies
    • Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
    • Defining Marketing Goals
    • Latest Digital advertising trends
    • Case studies of Digital Campaigns.

    2. Search Engine Optimization

    This module covers the search engine and it’s basically a major and important part of digital marketing courses in pune or online marketing. Before moving forward, we have got to fully grasp all fundamentals of the search engine like, how the search engine works to be able to keep internet rank in SERP (search engine results page). What are the prerequisites before the begin of any digital marketing business? What are instructions to maintain the same?
    Henceforth, we at School Of Internet Marketing has designed this module to fully grasp all basics of the search engine.

    Topics Covered In SEO Digital Marketing Courses in Pune

    Introduction to Search Engines

    • How does Search Engine work?
    1. Google Algorithm
    2. PANDA
    3. Penguin
    4. Humming Bird
    5. Pigeon
    • Latest updates in Google.
    • Keyword Research and Competition.
    • Introduction to keyword research.
    • Business Analysis & Categorization.
    • Google Keyword Planner
    • Market Research & Analysis.
    • Competition Analysis.
    • Finalizing the Keyword List.

    On-Page Optimization

    • Introduction to On page
    • What is Webmaster Tools
    • Verification Process in GWMT
    • Selecting Target Location
    • On-page Analysis Methodology
    • Fundamental On-page Factors
    • Website Speed
    • Domain call in SEO
    • URL Optimization
    • Title Tag Optimization
    • Meta Tags Optimization

    Off-Page Optimization

    • What is Link Building
    • Types of Linking Methods
    • DoFollow Vs. NoFollow
    • Link Building Guidelines
    • Linking Building Methodology
    • Links Analysis Tools
    • Directory Submissions
    • Local Business Directories
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Using Classifieds for Inbound Traffic
    • Question and Answer
    • Blogging & Commenting
    • Guest Blogging
    • Press Releases
    • Link Building Resources

    3. Google Webmaster Tool

    It’s one of the most important modules of digital marketing courses in pune, as this module will assist you to know the major instruments that you require to implement in your digital marketing campaign. So in this module, we help you to learn about all insights and will figure out an SEO point of view like an internal and external link, sitemap update, robots.txt file creation, Search traffic, Google index, Crawl, Security issues, etc.

    Search Appearance

    • Structure Data
    • Rich Card
    • Data Highlighter
    • HTML Improvements
    • Accelerated Mobile Pages
    • Google Index
    • Crawl Status
    • Security Issues

    Search Traffic

    • Search Analytics
    • Links to Your Site
    • Internal Links
    • Manual Actions
    • International Targeting

    4. Content Marketing

    Content is known as the King of Digital Marketing. In this module, we touch on areas reminiscent of content marketing, content marketing process, planning, and so on. Digital Trainee achieves knowledge of the unique roles that content optimization plays in the digital world. The digital marketing courses in pune module designed with the aid of our gurus support to increase expertise and comprehension among the many trainees to streamline the content of the web page into the highlight of the internet. Furthermore, the best case studies will take you through most aspects of a successful content marketing approach. You’ll be able to additionally pay attention to the excellent technique to create, circulate, and manage content.

    Content Marketing

    • What is Content Marketing
    • Introduction to Content Marketing
    • An objective to Content Marketing
    • Content marketing, 7 steps strategy building process
    • 18 types of content
    • How to write great compelling content
    • Keyword research for content ideas
    • Optimizing content for search engines
    • How to market your content
    • How to increase opt-in mail list with content marketing
    • The case study on content marketing

    5. Local SEO

    Local SEO is another important module that we cover in the complete digital marketing courses in pune. In this module, you’ll be able to know, how one can target the local audiences and how you can acquire rank in Google Maps.

    Topics Covered In Local SEO Digital Marketing Courses in Pune

    • What is Local SEO
    • Importance of Local SEO
    • Submission to Google My Business
    • Completing the Profile
    • Local SEO Ranking Signals
    • Local SEO Negative Signals
    • Citations and Local
    • Submissions

    6. Website Planing & Creation

    In this digital marketing courses in pune module, Digital trainees get to learn how you can plan and design a website, which involves determining a target audience, how to set website targets and accommodating these with client and industry objectives, building up a manufacturer and a tone of voice, and coming up with a page architecture. By the end of this module, students can be competent to devise and design a site. So when they’re about to the coding phase, they have a clear inspiration for the end product. This module does not focus on the coding phase—it concentrates on the relaxation of the elements of website development.

    Website Planning

    • Understanding Internet
    • Difference Between Web and Internet
    • Understanding Websites
    • Understanding domain name and domain extensions
    • What are the web server and web hosting
    • Different types of web servers
    • Different types of websites
    • Based on functionality
    • Based on purpose

    Planning and Creating a Website

    • Booking a domain name and web hosting
    • Adding domain name to a web server
    • Adding webpage & content
    • Adding Plugins

    7. SEM- Search Engine Marketing

    As a part of this, digital trainees get to learn best practices and new ideas to increase efficiency on the (SERP) Search Engine Result Page, and pay-per-click on advertising. Synchronize your digital marketing courses approach to SEM methods to acquire business objectives by means of both organic and paid web page optimization. Here we will be able to quilt the basics of planning PPC Campaigns, keyword targeting, and geo-targeting to get the highest out of your paid search engine marketing.

    Topics Covered In SEM Digital Marketing Courses in Pune

    • Introduction to Paid marketing.
    • Google account setup.
    • Interface tour and billing setting
    • Account structure
    • Campaign setting
    • Ad group setup
    • Keyword match setup
    • Keyword research tools
    • Understanding Ad Auction
    • What is Quality Score
    • Types of CPC’s
    • Bidding Strategies
    • As Formats
    • Ad Guidelines
    • Ad Extensions

    8. Online Display Advertising

    In this module, you are going to have an affordable comprehension of the right way to create an online banner and display marketing campaign. You’re going to get to grasp how the online marketing functions for services of each single interesting events. Being a publisher (i.e. A web page proprietor), you are going to comprehend the way to monetize and optimize your earnings via your webpage. This digital marketing course in Pune module will furnish you with a distinctive working out on the various digital display marketing administration that involves search, display, e-mail, affiliate, social and mobile app. We provide you with quality practices to devise a display advertising campaign utilizing display ads or adverts.

    • What Is Display Advertising?
    • How Display Ads Works
    • Benefits of Display Advertising
    • Display Advertising
    • Banners Ads
    • Display Keywords
    • Topics
    • Placement
    • Demographics
    • Interest and Remarketing
    • Display Network Filtrations
    • Display Exclusions
    • Display Options
    • Below the Fold?
    • How to Measure Display Advertising?

    9. Mobile Marketing

    This digital marketing courses in pune module is designed so you can utilize mobile as a platform to lengthen and achieve your enterprise goals. As of today, the world is more and more shifting towards mobile and lots of people are accessing websites through their mobiles only. So, in this chapter, we will tell you how you create mobile responsive websites and how to promote them online.

    • Basics of Mobile Marketing
    • Understanding Mobile Devices
    • Impact of Mobile Marketing in Social Media
    • Mobile Marketing Analytics
    • Mobile Apps Engagement
    • Growth in the Mobile Industry
    • Promoting Site in Mobile Apps
    • Benefits of Mobile Marketing
    • Targeting Options in Mobile Apps
    • Mobile Marketing Goals
    • Mobile Ad Formats
    • Reporting in Mobile Ads

    10. Video Marketing

    Today, many users want to see videos instead of reading the entire content. And for this, your business will have to have videos that attract your target customers. In this digital marketing courses in pune module, we will teach you about YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and so on. And how to increase Subscribers, likes, views, to your video. We also teach you, how to create paid video advertising.

    • Importance of Video Marketing
    • Create a Video Campaign
    • Location Targeting
    • Bidding Strategies
    • Creating Targeting Groups
    • Targeting Options in Video Ads
    • Types of Ad Formats
    • Measuring the Results of Campaign

    11. Remarketing

    In Remarketing and Conversion, you’re concentrating on viewers’ time and again to your products and services is affecting advertising and marketing techniques today. In this way, we completely notice our certain audiences for conversions and leads. In this digital marketing courses in pune module, you learn how to create a powerful remarketing strategy and the way to successfully implement it.


    • What Is Remarketing?
    • Benefits Of Remarketing Strategy
    • Manual Remarketing Vs Dynamic Remarketing
    • How to Build Remarketing List?
    • Step By Step Remarketing Campaign
    • Result Analysis Of Remarketing Campaign

    12. Conversion Tracking

    In these digital marketing courses in pune module, we’re covering how can calculate conversions on your total investments. How you can install conversion tracking instruments and the best way to safely measure how your advertising efforts and investment deliver results. Conversions and leads. It will let you know that what you are promoting is in profit or going in loss.


    • What Is Conversion?
    • Importance Of Conversion Tracking?
    • Implementation Of Conversion Tracking
    • Result Analysis In Conversion Tracking

    13. Social Media Optimization

    Our well-designed direction of digital marketing courses in pune module will furnish the candidates with the whole ability to utilize social media techniques to increase the traffic on websites. We present you with a practical standpoint for every one of the crucial concepts you study. We show you methods to make use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social channels, to increase traffic and branding of your business. The learning is headquartered on ongoing social media trends. We will inform you about various social media tools to implement as a way to provide the best results in getting more site visitors and thus aid grow your credibility and brand in the market.

    Topics Covered In SMO Digital Marketing Courses in Pune

    Social Media Optimization

    • What is Social Media?
    • SMM Vs. SMO
    • Benefits of using SMM
    • Social Media Statistics
    • Why use Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Strategy Dimensions in Posts
    • Impact of Social Media on SEO


    • What is LinkedIn?
    • Benefits of LinkedIn Network
    • Create a LinkedIn profile
    • Optimizing the profile
    • Skills and Endorsements
    • Recommendations in LinkedIn
    • Creating new connections
    • Posting content in the profile
    • LinkedIn Groups
    • Finding Jobs in LinkedIn
    • Customization of page
    • Posting in LinkedIn Page


    • What is Twitter?
    • Benefits of Twitter
    • How brands use Twitter
    • Profile creation and management
    • Customizing the profile
    • Types of Tweets and Statistics
    • Content strategy for Twitter
    • Post your First Tweet
    • Analysis of Big Brands
    • Twitter Contests
    • What is Hashtag?
    • #Hashtags and its uses.
    • Tools for Twitter marketing
    • Twitter Analytics


    • Facebook account setup
    • Personal account properties
    • Facebook marketing strategy
    • Competition analysis
    • Facebook business page setup
    • Types of Business pages
    • Cover photo designing
    • Increase the Likes to page
    • Page management options
    • Types of Posts and Statistics
    • Dimension in Post
    • Creative Posts Strategy
    • User engagement metrics
    • Facebook Apps creation
    • Integration FB in Site


    • What is Instagram
    • Instagram statistics
    • How Brands use Instagram
    • Creating an Instagram Account
    • Tour of Instagram App
    • Content strategy and Tips
    • Picture Dimensions
    • Filters in Instagram
    • Using Hashtags
    • Popular Brands on Instagram
    • Advertising options in Instagram

    14. Facebook & Instagram Marketing

    In this digital marketing courses in pune module, you’ll have a plan of the right way to run Facebook and Instagram ads in mild of your goals. You can have a constitution to assemble your advertisement strategy on and a more efficient way to handle Facebook and Instagram advertising. Facebook and Instagram advertising is a module for the contributors who are presently going with ” Boost Post ” or Facebook ads Manager pretty much, and who have got to enhance their aptitudes to a trained degree.

    • What is Facebook / Instagram Advertising
    • Types of promotions
    • Audience Targeting
    • Advanced Audience Targeting
    • Bidding strategies
    • Ad Format
    • Ad Dimensions and Rules
    • Remarketing Strategy
    • Conversion Tracking

    15. Twitter Marketing

    This digital marketing courses in pune module offers training on probably the most educated methods to utilize Twitter for your business. Basic ideas – from setting-up optimally, creating a Twitter trade existence, to evolved marketing strategies and techniques. The Twitter training additionally covers realistic implementation that’s foremost to companies.

    • What is Twitter advertising?
    • Types of promotions
    • Audience Targeting
    • Advanced Audience Targeting
    • Bidding strategies
    • Ad Format
    • Ad Dimensions and Rules
    • Remarketing Strategy
    • Conversion Tracking

    16. LinkedIn Marketing

    The target of this digital marketing courses in pune module is to provide the entire advantage and tactics you require to emerge as evidently as an advanced user, boost your business, product, and services. LinkedIn advertising activity will increment your manufacturer and your brand engagement.

    • What is LinkedIn advertising?
    • Types of promotions
    • Audience Targeting
    • Advanced Audience Targeting
    • Bidding strategies
    • Ad Format
    • Ad Dimensions and Rules
    • Remarketing Strategy
    • Conversion Tracking

    17. Basics of HTML

    In this digital marketing courses in pune module, will train you about the basic codes of HTML that are principal for designing a site from search engine optimization perspectives. You will also be taught easy methods to design a template-based site taking into issues the entire parameters of search engine optimization.

    18. Google Analytics

    In this digital marketing courses in pune module, we will learn about Google Analytics. Google Analytics will show the entire data concerning your website as it’ll analyze the user behavior, bounce rate, real-time views and so, etc. This module will permit you to analyze your website statics and thus that you would be able to improve your website by tracking the statics.

    • What is Analytics?
    • Importance of Analytics for Business
    • Popular Analytics Software’s
    • Key Performance Metrics [KPI] in Analytics
    • Introduction to Google Analytics
    • Installing Analytics code in the site
    • Analytics account structure
    • Interface tour of Google Analytics
    • General Tools in Analytics Real-time Reports
    • Settings in Analytics

    19. WordPress And Blogging

    Each business these days is focussing on WordPress blogging, as it is come to be a crucial part of digital marketing courses in pune. It’s by way of WordPress that we are able to submit quality content material to our blog section. We will teach you how one can set up WordPress, publishing content and images, using search engine optimization tools in WordPress, easy methods to make a good blog on the WordPress platform, and so forth.

    20. Online Reputation Management

    It is quite necessary for any business person to keep his/her online business reputation. You must go through as how audiences react, rate, or review about your product or offerings online, and if observed any bad or negative review/ comment then how you can eradicate them. You also get to know which tools we use for Online Reputation Management and brand monitoring.

    • What is ORM?
    • Why we need ORM
    • Examples of ORM
    • Generate an ORM Report
    • Areas to analyze in ORM Search Engine Results
    • What we need to do in ORM
    • Monitor Search Results
    • Monitor Complaint sites
    • Reviews Monitor Sites and blogs
    • Monitor Social Media
    • Case Study
    • Tools for Managing Reputation

    21. Email Marketing

    This digital marketing courses in pune module specializes in developed advertising and marketing methodologies making use of E-mails, tricks, and tips in developing effective commercials for services or product merchandising, to ask for business, request revenue/sales, meant to build loyalty, belief, and create brand awareness. E-mail marketing is a standout amongst essentially the most mighty and personalized ways of earning the purchaser’s trust.

    • What is Email Marketing?
    • Importance of Email Marketing
    • Popular Email Marketing Software’s
    • Email Marketing Goals
    • Introduction to Mail Chimp
    • Mail Chimp pricing structure
    • Account setup and settings
    • Email marketing strategy
    • Creating a subscriber list
    • Integration of forms in site
    • Import subscribers in the list
    • Types of email marketing campaigns
    • Creating an email campaign
    • What is a newsletter?
    • Design a Newsletter
    • Reports
    • Marketing Automation

    22. Google Adsense

    In this digital marketing courses in pune module, you study the excellent method to generate a regular flow of revenue from your website utilizing Google AdSense, the show networking gadget from Google. Our experts coach the nice technique to get up and connect with AdSense and show categorized ads that “make sense” in your site. Get to understand how to set up an account, regionally-based obstacles on ad content material, zonal and generate income from advertisements, and make use of verified placement.

    • Basics of Google Adsense
    • Adsense code installation
    • Different types of Ads
    • Increasing your profitability through Adsense

    23. Affiliate Marketing

    This digital marketing courses in pune module will cover the fundamentals of Affiliate marketing and will dig profound into the marketing dynamics in terms of affiliate—publisher site, and the vendor—advertiser site. You will be taken through the advantages of Affiliate marketing and how it functions in reality. The module will empower you to begin your own affiliate venture or will furnish you with the information and skills needed to counsel other affiliate investors. This will likewise help you easily incorporate affiliate advertising into your digital marketing blend.

    • What is Affiliate Marketing, Apply for an Affiliate Marketing network
    • How Affiliate marketing works, Understanding the dashboard
    • How to Find Affiliate Niche, Promoting the Affiliate products
    • Top Affiliate Marketing networks, Methods of Promotions
    • Affiliate marketing networks, Reports, and ROI
    • Affiliate marketing payment models Best resources for affiliate marketing

    24. Freelancing Project

    Gain knowledge in this module as to how one can make effective proposals on your customer and how you can put up to specific freelance portals. Be trained in the way you relatively can win a project on high freelance portals.

    • How to work on live projects?

    25. Lead generation for Business

    This is one of the more most important modules of digital marketing courses in pune. In this module, we will teach about how you can generate leads and conversions to your small business and thus can improve your business online.

    • The understanding lead generation business
    • Why lead generation is important?
    • Understanding landing page
    • Understanding thank you page
    • Landing page vs. a website
    • Best practices to create a Landing page
    • Best practices to create a thank you page
    • What is A/B Testing?
    • How to do A/B testing?
    • Converting leads into a sale
    • Understanding lead funnel

    26. Growth Hacking Overview

    This one is a progress Hacking Overview digital marketing courses in pune module which covers more than a few elements like customer fundamentals of growth hacking, client lifestyles cycle, growth hacker’s position, and so on. Together with critical case studies.

    • Growth Hacking Basics
    • Role of Growth Hacker
    • Customer Life Cycle
    • What is conversion optimization techniques
    • Growth hacking case studies

    27. Social Media Automation Apps

    Social media automation program and apps. The simplest manner to automate social media is via the usage of automation program software and apps:

    • What Is Social Media Automation?
    • Social Media Automation/ Management Tool
    1. Buffer
    2. Hootsuite
    3. Positron
    • Setup Connection With Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc.
    • Post Scheduling In Tools
    • Add/ Remove Profiles In Tools
    • Performance Analysis

    28. YouTube SEO and AdSense

    In this module,  of digital marketing courses in pune you will Learn how to create a channel and rank your videos on YouTube as well as how to monetize your ads on youtube videos.

    Topics Covered In Youtube Digital Marketing Courses in Pune

    YouTube SEO 

    • How to create a YouTube channel
    • Youtube Keyword Research
    • Publish a High Retention Video
    • YouTube ranking factors
    • YouTube Video Optimization
    • Promote Your Video
    • Use of playlists

    YouTube AdSense

    • Basics of YouTube AdSense
    • How to create Creator Studio in YouTube & Verify Your Channel
    • Increase Your Profitability Through YouTube Channel
    • Linking Google AdSense & YouTube AdSense
    • Different Types of Ads

    29. Basic Video Making And Editing

    The basic video making and editing course are designed in a way that a beginner can easily grab the usage of tools from scratch.

    What is Video Editing

    Video Editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots to create new work. Editing is usually considered to be a part of the post-production process.

    Course Description

    Our Video Editing Course will take you to the art of video post-production in this course you’ll learn the art and craft of editing videos from the start to bottom that prepares students to edit video footages that may be used for commercials, documentaries, Especially Youtubers.

    Learning Outcome

    On successful completion of the Video Editing Training program, You will be certified from the Institute.

    Students will have Technical & Creative Knowledge.

    Overall, You will master a new skill set.

    30. SMS Marketing

    What’s the focus of this digital marketing courses in pune? Mobile Marketing is a vital marketing strategy, representing the future of marketing. Mobile Marketing is marketing on or with the mobile device, providing customers with time- and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services, and ideas.

    • What is SMS Marketing?
    • Why SMS Marketing Effective?
    • How does SMS marketing work?
    • Difference between promotional campaigns or transactional messages?
    • What is SMS marketing used for?
    • Who can benefit from using SMS marketing?
    • Best Sites For Bulk SMS Marketing

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    Nitesh Yadav school of internet marketing founder

    Nitesh Yadav

    Founder- School of Internet Marketing

    A Digital Marketer With 7+ Years of Experience in Digital Marketing, Google Ads/Adwords, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Media Planning Designing, and Public Relation.

    top digital marketing courses in pune
    sushant salunkhe sim co founder

    Sushant Salunkhe

    Co Founder-School of Internet Marketing

    He has been a digital marketing consultant for many advertising agencies & Political Campaign to develop & execute their digital strategies from 7+ years, He has a great command over understanding the root cause of the business problems.

    Our Happy Students videos 4.9/5 Ratings Given by Trainees

    SIM- School Of Internet Marketing the best digital marketing courses in pune, have till date trained over 3900+ candidates in Digital Marketing. We are so glad and happy to inform you all that they are currently working on capable positions in some of the top leading companies in India and world wide.

    Check Out What Our Awesome Ex Digital Trainee's Say...

    Read the reviews from our happy students. We have Trained over 3900+ Candidates in Digital Marketing. They all are working with one of the leading companies in India

    Digital Marketing Course FAQ's

    Every student has different questions before joining the course. We have listed most of the general questions related to digital marketing course in pune.

    Why should I join your digital marketing courses in pune?

    There are various answers to this question. We have more than 6+ years of hands-on experience in digital marketing training in Pune. Our every trainer is fully qualified and certified in online marketing having certification in the following mentioned domains that are Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, Bing, Hubspot, and SalesForce. We have the best benefits of digital marketing courses and internships in Pune.
    We have trained more than 3900 students in this industry and made a name in digital marketing courses in pune. There are lots of more reasons to join best Digital Marketing Courses in pune from School Of Internet Marketing. Digital Marketing Courses after MBA is the best option to upgrade your skills.
    Alternatively, we provide our students with one to one counseling during their training, advising them on their progress during their curriculum for better understanding and confidence-building. Our aim is to make students work on the practical aspect and learn the theory for qualification purposes also. SIM is providing best course for digital marketing training in pune.

    How much can I earn after completing digital marketing course?

    The earning potential of a Digital Marketer is limitless. It all depends on your understanding and execution of your knowledge and skills that you will learn from School Of Internet Marketing. Also, we guarantee that you will be fully prepared in all the modules of Digital Marketing. We will give you more practical training on every aspect of Internet marketing or Digital Marketing Training in Pune so that you can use this knowledge in the industry or on your business to grab more profits. You can easily earn up to Rs 10000 to 50000 on initial stage after completion of digital marketing course from our internet marketing institute. Visit SIM to check why we are Best Digital Marketing Institute in pune with Top Digital Marketing Courses in Pune. SIM is an Advance training institute of digital marketing.

    What will be my profile after completion of digital marketing course?

    A complete Digital Marketing Executive will be qualified in the following mentioned domains given in this answer below.

    You have multiple options for work and you can start your career after completing Digital Marketing Course in Pune as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Executive, Online Campaign Marketing Executive, PPC (Pay Per Click) Executive, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Manager, SMO (Search Marketing Optimization) Executive, Internet Marketing Executive, Web Marketing analyst, Content Writer, so on. We want you to work on high profile for your better career. School of Internet Marketing has new branch of digital marketing course in kothrud Pune.

    How can we get updates in the field of digital marketing?

    There are various websites which releases digital marketing news and trending tools time to time. You can follow those blogs to be updated according to time. We provide weekly Newsletter in our Digital Marketing Course in Pune. There are some blogs which are Neil Patel, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine land, Moz, Ahrefs, etc. You can follow these blogs on Facebook, twitter, instagram and subscribe in youtube. So that, everytime when they post anything related to digital marketing field, you will get update which help you to get top results from best institute for digital marketing in Pune.

    Will I get practical knowledge during this digital marketing training?

    We don’t believe in teaching you only theory, after all it is the practical knowledge that is required for you to get a job in the corporate or develop and grow your own business. At School Of Internet Marketing, you will learn all things in practical manner and for you, we have designed all our modules in such a way, in which we provide you complete practical experience. After completing your blog or website, you will do SEO on your website, you will increase social media profiles for your brand, you will create campaign for your website, you will run email marketing, and you will use your website for email marketing and affiliate marketing. You will make your better career after completing your digital marketing course in pune with us.

    How digital marketing course can help me in business startup?

    If you are new startup with amazing business idea but with limited budget to grab the eyeballs, then this digital marketing course in pune is for you to learn art of digital smartness and implement it to amplify the brand awareness by generating the right leads and sales conversions within limited budget.

    Will I get job after doing digital marketing course?

    Yes, you can get a job surely after joining our Digital Marketing Training in Pune. We are currently located in Karve Nagar kothrud for the Pune area. Also to note that we have 100% student placement record of digital marketing courses in pune. Online marketing in various corporate organizations only upon full completion of Digital Marketing Institute in Pune. We are taking a guarantee to train you very well in this market and make you capable to do practical freelance work also. The industry currently demands employees who can work for them and get the best results for their business. During Internet Marketing course in pune curriculum, we regularly test and evaluate your learning curve and ensure quality training for the same. SIM has started New Batch digital marketing courses in pune.

    Do you provide Internship training for digital marketing course?

    Yes, we do. An internship would be an ideal option after your digital marketing course completion. We have tie-ups with various digital marketing companies in pune. You can get alternate opportunities for freelance projects after Digital Marketing Training in Pune as well. Also, you can enroll for an internship in our digital marketing institute in pune that is a possibility. You can easily enroll after the completion of Internet Marketing Training in Pune from our institute. In internship, we are providing some basic amounts as a salary. You need to do our client projects and give best result in their projects. After completion of internship, we will give an experience letter of Online marketing internship.

    Who will be our trainer for digital marketing courses in pune?

    Nitesh Yadav, he is the founder of School Of Internet Marketing. He has more than 6+ years’ experience in this industry of providing Digital Marketing Training in Pune and in the region of PCMC. He has independently built and worked with clients especially in US and other foreign countries. Till date, projects completed by Nitesh Yadav, has been over 5000 worldwide. He has trained more than 2400 students and counting more. To know more about him please visit

    What is the duration of digital marketing course in pune?

    The duration of digital marketing courses in pune is of 3 months, But it all depends on your grasping power as well as your learning potential. Internet Marketing Course in Pune is very vast and detailed course that takes extra time and effort investment. That’s why we need 100% dedication  from your side to give you best digital marketing training in pune. We give task on daily basis and want students to finish them in time. We also provide you with ample opportunities to practice and execute all digital marketing modules till the time you are ready to go to the corporate world. Total duration of advance digital marketing course is 3 months.

    Will you focus your training on the things that we face in interviews?

    Yes we also do focus on your training, things that we face in the interviews as you have mock interview session by our digital marketing institute in pune branch. Our aim is to produce valuable digital marketing professionals, who can run successful marketing campaigns. We teach you a systematic process to plan for and execute a digital marketing training program. Our training material, methods are world class and are developed to train agency staff. When you learn a concept from the roots, you can build many things on top of it.

    What if I need more help after completing the course, Is it Possible?

    It’s rare that our attendees need further assistance after the course. That’s because we provide excellent digital marketing training in pune, resources and show you how to get help from Google experts for free. However, if you have a complex problem and need specialist help we can provide consultancy and personal training on an free hourly basis.

    Who can join our digital marketing course of SIM?

    Practically anyone can learn this course of Digital Marketing. All you need to know is how to run a computer with the basic use of the internet. People who are studying in college, who are working in any company, people who are intermediate or who have their own business, they can join the best online marketing training course in pune from our institute School Of Internet Marketing. Again, Trainees must have some basic computer knowledge so that one can easily operate and do daily basic tasks for their training. Search Digital marketing training institute near me on google, you will find best option for you.

    When will I get course certificate & tools of digital marketing?

    You need not worry about course material and certification for your Digital Marketing. After you enroll, We will guide and provide you with all course content and software with respect to the module you will be learning at that time. You will get all Google Certifications after completion of Digital Marketing Course In Pune from SIM. We provide tools, software, and course material in the starting week so that you can easily grab marketing and give best results in our training. We want you to succeed in this training that’s why we are helping you in each and every step. The fee for digital marketing course is very nominal in School Of Internet Marketing

    Why is your institute known as best digital marketing institute in pune?

    There are so many reasons to be a best in this Digital Marekting Course in Pune. We are working on each student to give them best Internet marketing training. And only because of students and trainer, we become a best Digital Marketing Institute in Pune. Most of digital marketing Classes in Pune are working for fees but we want to teach well our students because for us fees is secondary part, first is our students. digital marketing course fee in pune is around 25k.

    What if I don't have website. Can I learn this course?

    Who said you can’t do digital marketing course!!! Yes, you can. When you enrol at any of the branches of School Of Internet Marketing for Learning Digital Marketing Training in Pune, we will provide you with training of how to create your own blog and website. This part will be essential in the process of learning and executing digital marketing concepts. We help you to customize your blog and teach how to handle blog and posts. We want you to be updated with the current trend and if you don’t walk with trend in Digital Marketing Course, you will probably lose market.We have complete digital marketing course subjects to give your best quality training. Digital marketing course eligibility is only 12th pass.

    How can I shift my career from traditional marketing to digital marketing?

    Yes, Of course. In fact more and more companies are looking for people who have experience in traditional marketing and have digital marketing knowledge.

    Top 5 Reasons Why Traditional Marketing is Shifting to Digital Marketing
    • It’s Less Expensive. Studies show that average costs per lead cost 71% less through inbound digital marketing platforms when compared to outbound traditional media. …
    • Larger Audience and Reach.
    • It’s More Effective.
    • Higher ROI- Return On Invesetment.
    • Advanced Targeting Method.

    Is digital marketing course easy and simple to learn?

    It is pretty easy to learn. Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

    digital marketing is very easy professional course. This is the short term course. This course does not take much time to learn, it is a 3-month course. In this course, there are very easy topics or modules which any person can easily learn.