Terms And Conditions/Policy



  • The minimum age to join any course at School of Internet Marketing is 12 years. There is no maximum age.
  • A student’s registration and enrolment for courses are a binding agreement to finish the course and to pay the full fees. The application form must be signed to show the student’s agreement to follow School of Internet Marketing terms and conditions.


Fees & Payment:

  • Fees for the Complete Courses are As follows:
  • Digital Marketing Course- 25,000/-
  • Graphic Designing Full course One Time-35,000/-, Per Software- Photoshop- 10,000/-, CorelDraw- 10,000/-, Illustrator- 7000/-, Indesign- 7000/-, Lightroom- 4000/-, Dimension-4000/-, PremierPro Basic (Gif Only)- 4000/-, Calligraphy- 5000/-.
  • Web development full-Stack course- 40000/-, Web development course-20000/-, Web designing course-20000/-
  • All above fees are payable INR (Rupees) and payment can be made as follows:
  • By bank transfer directly to our account. Please note that all bank charges must be paid at source, otherwise the student will be charged on arrival.
  • By Card, There is a supplementary charge of 3% for all payments by credit card. All credit card payments can only be in INR.
  • By debit cards. There is a supplementary charge of 1% for all payments by debit card.



  • The last date for withdrawal of admissions for the purpose of refund of fees shall be 2 days after the start of the classes. An institution shall refund fees collected after deducting an amount of Rs 5,000 as processing fees.
  • No refund is permissible in case the student requests a fee refund after 3 days from the date of joining.
  • Fees will be refunded after deducting an amount of Rs 1,000 as registration charges. In case the student withdraws the admission before the start of classes, 1000/- registration charges are not refundable.
  • Along with the fees refund application, the student has to submit the original Fee Receipt.
  • Refunds will be processed by the office of the Institute upon receiving approval from the Director(Admission) and will be transferred online in the name of the student or father/mother after 45 days from receiving the date of application.
  • Students must complete the courses in the given time duration by the institute that is for digital marketing course 2 months, Graphic Designing course 3 months, Web development 4 months
  • If students are not able to complete the course in the given time period institute is not responsible to teach the course again and no refund will be given in this situation.
  • In case of any emergency, if students take approved leave in writing from the institute the course can be extended only for a month, the month should be the continued month of the ongoing batch/course allotted to them at the timing of joining and then to if failed to join, hence in the future institute is not responsible to teach the course or any topic again and no fees will be refunded in any circumstances.
  • In any case, the student is not able to complete the joined courses in the given time period, or the course is left in between or in middle and in future if students want to complete the course again or want to rejoin the course the student has to pay the half amount of the ongoing fees. In which your all first installments/payments and your past full fees should be cleared.
  • The student is liable to pay all the fees in installments in the given time period, whether he continues the course or not.
  • If student failed to pay fees Installment in the given time period, Institute has the right to stop the course of the student in between at any time or at any topic, 5 days of extension can be done from the given period by the institute, if failed again to pay the fees/installment institute will cancel the admission and will stop the courses then and there and no refund will be given. and if student wants to continue the course again in the future will have to pay the last pending amount and half fees of the ongoing course fees to rejoin the course.
  • Students cannot shift the branch, after the admission process is done, students have to complete the course in the branch where they have taken admission.
  • Job assistance will be provided by the institute and no job placement guarantee will be given by the institute.
  • In case of continuous absence of students without taking written approval from the management the topics taught will not be taught again in any circumstances.
  • Any damages to the property or assets of the institute if done, student will have to pay the amount said by the institute. the institute has the right to recover the amount from the student.
  • If found unprofessional behavior or fail to obey rules of the institute, institute has the right to cancel the admission then and there without any prior notice to the student, and no fees shall be refunded in any circumstances.
  • Institute has the authority of changing the batch timings of students at any time. If students want to change the timing, will have to take prior written permission from the institute, student cannot change the batch timings if they don’t get permission from the institute.