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    About SIM - Data Science Courses In Pune

    School Of Internet Marketing is India's 1st Practical Data Science Training Institute In Pune. Our Moto is #SayNoToTheory we have been greatly centered and is been establishing each day to the new standards in Data Science in from 9 years. We are an awesome institute on providing practical Data Science training to our students. Our goal is to grow every day with new ideas in this area by means of exploring the core of Data Science. It is going to be our effort and we make sure that we provide the best coaching in order that it helps an individual as well our Institute.
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    We At SIM offers Data Science Courses in Pune in more than 2+ branches with expert trainers. Here are the key features.

    Data Science Course provides coverage for topics like PART A – Python for Data Science, PART B – R programming for Data Science, PART C – Statistics, PART D – Machine Learning and AI Using R & Python, PART E – PowerBi For Data Analytics Visualization, PART F – Projects & Assignments.
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    Professional Advice

    Even if this is your first time practicing a code, don't worry! Our professional Data Science trainers and counselors are there to support you. We will provide you with advice and support that will help you at interviews. that suit your career plan.

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    For Graduates

    Placement and Job Offers
    We are frequently contacted by various corporations regarding the availability and technical expertise of graduates. After you complete your data science | Analytics course, we will provide you with an opportunity to meet the concerned representatives of the companies.

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    Individual Support

    Resume Advice / Mock Interview,
    Our Career Production Team will support you in following your career plan. In addition to providing advice, we also help you prepare for prospective jobs by screening your resume and conducting mock interviews.

    Why We Are Best In Data Science Training Institute In Pune?

    We provides the most exclusive and the best Data Science course in Pune with 100% placement assistance, Top Data Scientists and industry experts working in the data science companies of Pune for several decades have developed this course, and the course curriculum is at par with the international industry standards. The program duration is 3 months, balancing practical and theoretical learning, covering everything from the fundamentals to advanced levels of the Data Science course in Pune with placement across India. Enroll today in the leading Data Science course Pune with placement. The course empowers the student to join the IT industry and have a successful and promising career in Data science training in Pune

    Career & Placement Support after Data Science Course Completion

    We are invested in you, and one of our top priorities is to ensure that you have a firm understanding of how the Data Science | Data Analytics Industry works. Our Career Counsellors dedicate their time to making sure you feel confident and ready to tackle all potential interviews!
    Job Assurance: 100% Placement Assistance in Top Companies
    CV Preparation Help
    Interview Frequently Asked Question and Answers to crack Interviews Easily
    Mock Exams
    Mock Interviews to boost your knowledge
    Pre-Requisite: Any working professional can enter in to Data Science
    Total 35 - 40 Hours Practical Data Science Classes
    In Class, You Get In-Depth Practical Knowledge on each Data Science Topic
    Weekdays + Weekends Classes
    Location: Courses are run in our Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad Branch
    Corporate and Classroom Data Science Training in pune
    Find extra clients online for your product / service.
    Technical Support after Course Completion
    Back up Classes Available
    On Going Job Support for your Company Projects
    Attend 1 hour free demo session
    Projects: You work on Real Time Data Science Projects

    What Do You learn In Data Science Course?

    As a leading and best Data Science training institute we have designed our Data Science Course content & syllabus based on Student requirements, which will help you to achieve your career goal. Our Data Science & Data Analytics Course Certification Course is designed to get placements in Good MNC Companies in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi as soon as you completed theData Science Training in pune” at School of Internet Marketing. Our trainers are 9+ years of working professionals who provide you with hands-on Real-Time multiple Data Science Projects knowledge. We assure you to provide the actual knowledge of Data Science Courses in Pune that makes your career bright. By utilizing the platform of Data Science & Data Analytics Course.

    The Advanced Practical Oriented Data Science Training Concepts.

    The only Data Science training program where you get in-depth knowledge of all the modules of the Data Science courses in pune.

    1. Introduction to Data Science


    • What is Data Science?
    • What does Data Science involve?
    • Life cycle of Data Science
    • Tools of Data Science
    • Need of Data Science
    • Data Engineer vs Data Analyst vs Data Science
    • Data Science and machine learning
    • Data Science Life Cycle
    • Data Science Platform
    • Data Science Use Cases
    • Skill Required for Data Science

    2. Python

    Introduction to python | What is Python | History of Python | Use case of Python | Python Identifiers, Keywords Python Indentation Comments and document interlude in Python | Command line arguments | Getting User Input | Setup for python & anaconda | Jupyter Introduction | Jypyter Functions | Basic operators and functions | Variables & Operator

    • Data types
    1. Strings: Introduction | Operations | Functions | Exercises
    2. Numbers: Introduction | Operations | Functions | Exercises
    3. Lists: Introduction | Iterators | Operations | Functions | Exercises
    4. Dictionary: Introduction | Operations | Functions | Exercises
    5. Tuples: Introduction | Operations | Functions | Exercises
    6. None Type
    7. Boolean Type
    • Functions

    Introduction Built-in Functions | User define functions | Return statement | Multi-return statement | Default function | Lambda, Filter, Map function | Scope of Variable | Global Keyword Accessing Values | Basic Operations | Indexing, Slicing

    • Conditional & Loop Statements

    if Statement | if-else Statement | if-elif Statement | while Loops | For Loops | Nested Loops | Continue and break

    • File Handling

    Read file | Write file | File operations | Appending data into file

    • Classes & Objects

    Attributes/State/Properties | Behavior | Constructor | Inheritance

    • SQL Database connection using python

    Introduction to SQL | Installing Interface | Creating the connection | Creating cursor object | Creating database | Creating Tables | Insert Operation | Read Operation | Update Operation | Delete Operation

    3. Python for Data Science

    • Modules: System Defined and User Ddefined | Packages | Library
    1. NumPy: Introduction | Python Arrays | Numpy Arrays | Single & Multi-Dimensional Arrays | Benefits of Arrays | Indexing, Slicing, Shaping | Operations with Array
    2. Pandas: Introduction | Series | Dataframe | File Handling | Data Importing | Data Analysis | Slicing, Indexing | Appending
    3. Matplotlib: Introduction | Applications | Line Plot | Sine Wave plot | Bar Graph | Scatter Plot | Histogram | Pie Chart
    4. Seaborn: Introduction | Seaborn vs Matplotlib | Histogram | Distplot | Strip Plot | Swarm Plot | Bar Plot | Count Plot | Box Plot | Violin Plot | Heatmap
    5. Scikit-Learn: Data Preprocessing | Data Cleaning | Data Integration | Data Transformation: Scaling and Encoding | Feature Engineering | Outlier Detection
    6. SciPy: Introduction | Matrices Operations | Create matrices Inverse, Transpose, Trace, Norms , Rank etc | Eigen Values & vectors | SVDs

    4. Machine Learning

    • Mathematics & Statistics

    Logarithm | Standard Deviation & Mean Absolute Deviation | Normal Distribution | Mean, Median, Mode

    Type of Data | Descriptive statistic-Central tendency and Variability | Distributions Correlations | Hypothesis testing – Confidence interval, Confidence level, P value Z score etc

    • Introduction to Machine Learning
    1. Supervised Learning: Regression and Classification
    2. Unsupervised Learning: Clustering and Association
    3. Reinforcement Learning

    Regression: Linear Regression | Multiple Regression | Logistic Regression | Polynomial Regression

    Classification: Decision Tree | Radom Forest | SVM | KNN | Naïve Bayes

    Model evaluation techniques: Concepts of confusion matrix | Classification Report | Errors in Regression | ROC | AUC

    Clustering: K-means Clustering | Hierarchical Clustering

    5. Artificial Intelligence | Deep Learning

    AI Introduction | History of Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Neural Network: Elements of a Neural Network | What is an activation function and why to use them? | Forward Propagation | Back Propagation

    Natural Language Processing: Introduction to NLP | Application of NLP | Understanding Natural Language Processing (NLP) | Tokenization | Streaming | Frequency Distribution | Frequency Graph | Dealing with Stopwords

    6. Data Analytics | Visualization | Power BI

    Power BI

    • Introduction
    • Data Modelling
    • Data Analysis Expression
    • Power Query
    • Create Reports
    • Create Dashboard

    7. Data Science Project Work

    Project 1: Sentiment Analyzer of Social Media

    Project 2: Identifying Good and Bad Customers for Granting Loans

    Project 3: Credit Card Fraud Detection Project

    Project 4: Stock Price Prediction

    Project 5: Movie Recommendation System

    Project 6: Evaluating the performance of mutual funds.

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    We satisfied 9000+ students from the day we started. which makes us proud as an institute. We continually create awareness to offer pleasant and improve stage training.

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    Our Data Science course for all our trained entrepreneur till now was too helpful as they started to Generate potential leads & Increase sales with less marketing expense.

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    We have clearly completed satisfied 650+ Batches till date, and it’s still increasing. which assist us to an advantage of confidence. we also give flexibility batch timings to our student's.

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    We have Companies that are Tied-Up to hire our trained students. 100% job assistance with more corporate companies we schedule interviews for every student.

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    Meet Our Directors

    Get to know the people behind Intact. Our creative and technical team.
    Nitesh Yadav school of internet marketing founder

    Nitesh Yadav

    Founder- School of Internet Marketing

    A Digital Marketer with 9+ years of experience in Internet Marketing, Display Advertising, Media Planning, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Public Relation.

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    sushant salunkhe sim co founder

    Sushant Salunkhe

    Co Founder-School of Internet Marketing

    He has been a digital marketing consultant for many advertising agencies & Political Campaign to develop & execute their digital strategies from 9+ years, He has a great command over understanding the root cause of the business problems.

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    We have Trained over 9000+ Candidates. They all are working with one of the leading companies in India

    Course FAQ's

    Top frequently asked questions by our students.

    Why should you choose Data Science?

    According to a data scientist, the analytic market which is growing every day requires approx 1,90,000 analytic professionals in order to tackle the exploding data across different verticals. Well, renowned companies like TCS, Infosys, Accenture, Oracle, Google, IBM, and Microsoft are looking for skilled and certified data analysts to hire a lot of data analysts.

    What is your fee structure of Data Science course?

    We have a different form in terms of course fee structure, so better you should contact us 8956609996 for further assistance.

    What About Placements and Companies?

    We provide 100% placement assistance and placement program in which we guide on soft your skill as well as a technical skill during data Science classes in Pune until you get placed in the company.

    Why should we learn R and Python for data science ? can't we learn any other tools ?

    R and Python has approximately 80% market share & both are open source (free of cost). Hence, R and Python both are very lucrative in the analytics space. R in built packages and python in built library provides the best combination to learn the concept like machine learning and deep learning artificial intelligence at one place. Almost all the jobs are asking for experience & exposure in R and Python.

    In Case, you Missed training session?

    You can cover the topic by our training session which is provided by our Data Science institute with lifetime access. Else, you will cover in upcoming batches at 0 fees.

    What is your Data Science | Data Analytics batch size?

    We allow only 10, 12 Data Scientest students in a batch at our institute during the training, so each & every student gets individual attention by trainer & benefited out of it.

    What will be the salary / pay Scale I get in data scientist industry?

    The average pay scale of a data scientist is around 7 Lakhs per annum to 40 Lakhs per annum, depending upon how well skilled, and how much experience a person has in the field of data science. More the experience and skills, more the salary a person gets.

    How many certificates do you provide?

    We provide you Data Science certification including course completion certificate, and Internship letter which shows that you are an experienced person at 0 charges.

    Will I get Free demo before Enroll I for the Course?

    Yes we arrange face to face meeting with our faculty. You can ask whatever queries you have related to your data science training and future career.